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Home Businesses

Alice in Paperland caters for all types of home based businesses. Whether you make and sell invitations from home, have an online business or you have a market stall, we can supply you with your papercraft needs. We look after businesses who are unable to purchase from large companies or who cannot meet the company's minimum purchase requirements, which can be several hundreds of dollars at a time.

If you are a home based business and need to purchase your supplies, we have an offer which works very well and can save you money. 

If you require small amounts of various products for your business, we offer 15% off our already discounted prices. If you wish to order larger amounts of certain products, we can give you a quote which will benefit you with a higher discount rate of up to 35%.

We do require full business details before you can receive a trade discount. Please do not take the discount automatically on our website without emailing and registering with us first. We will also require a bit of background information on your business before approval.

Please email us with your details and any other enquiries at

We also give coaching to those who are starting or thinking of starting their own business so please don't hesitate to contact us. The best way is to send us and email.